We are an international network of highly skilled security consultants, made up from former members of military and law enforcement agencies. With specialist training combined with lengthy experience, we are experts in our respective fields. Many staff have been employed as specialist instructors and have been assigned as heads of security to diplomatic missions and royalty, team leaders for European Union protection assignments and project managers for corporate businesses and within government organisations.

Our mission is to consistently deliver in accordance with the client’s specific requirements and to try to exceed anticipated standards at all times. We aim to constantly evolve, diversify and benchmark against increasing demands at a pace which allows us to maintain our excellent reputation for quality and professionalism.

Our client base activities cover corporations, financial institutions, IT, investment houses, luxury brands, international events, global shipping, high net worth individuals, motor and aviation manufacturers, sport, law firms, pharmaceuticals, philanthropists, media and entertainment. All international assignments are constantly monitored from our Operational Control Centre in Hong Kong.


Martin first established a bespoke security company in 2012, aimed at the business traveler around the world. In 2016, the company expanded and morphed into ASAP Group, further reflecting our operational footprint across Asia. Today we offer professional and flexible security, support and investigative services to organisations and individual clients around the world. With offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Dubai and Taiwan, we are a leading security services specialist built by and with highly experienced personnel. Through our network of strategic offices and partnerships across Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East, we provide security support to client interests. The operational experience held within our senior management team ensures that the highest standards are maintained and clients’ needs are fully addressed. We deliver solutions that both meet the client’s specific requirement and reduce ambient threats in complex or high-risk environments.


Group Managing Director, Martin Franks, has considerable tactical and corporate close protection experience, from team leader to project manager, across the military, diplomatic and corporate sectors. He has an exemplary military career and more than 35 years’ experience in the security, high-threat environment, VIP protection and risk management industry. Serving for over ten years with a Special Operations Regiment in the British Army, he was predominantly involved in close protection both as an instructor and operationally, and served as such in Northern Ireland during the conflict. He was bodyguard to a number of visiting high profile politicians and subsequently assigned as bodyguard to British ambassadors around the world.

He was later attached to the British Foreign Office as the bodyguard to ambassadors in Kampala and Beirut. His varied protective service assignments also include the RMP close protection team for the Prince and Princess of Wales during their royal visit to Hong Kong in 1989 and bodyguard to British and US senior military personnel.

Since leaving HM Armed Forces, Martin has been involved with close protection around the world including bodyguard for the Sultan of Oman, protection team member for the Saudi Royal Family and bodyguard for Mohammed Al Fayed, Chairman of Harrods. He was also involved with the security management reviews of Bank of America branches throughout London as a result of the 9/11 terrorist actions.

Martin now heads up ASAP Group, providing security services to clients including: MacAndrews & Forbes, Harvard University, Bank of New York Mellon, Versace, Canadian Tire Corporation, State Street Bank, Molson Coors, Blackrock, Go Daddy, MontBlanc, Tiffany & Co, HSBC, Google, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, Abercrombie & Fitch, Uber, Vava Private Yacht, Victoria’s Secret and Finmecanica.


• Risk Management and Security Audits

• Security Guarding (luxury brands: retail and hotels)

• Security Training

• Site and Event Security (media, sports and corporate)

• Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

• Valuables in Transit

• Executive Protection

• Journey Management

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